Reactions to the Schatz Tragedy

March 3, 2010 – Responses to Pearl’s Laughter:

Michael Pearl laughs at his critics, no apolgies for dead children from Barbara @ Mommy Life blog who also asks us to look at Cult characteristics and the Pearls.  Note: This blog has been removed so I am linking to it in the Internet Archives.

The Pearls: Sadly, it has come to this… from The Cappuccino Life Note: This blog has been removed so I am linking to it in the Internet Archives.

michael pearl’s response by Thatmom  Note: there are some very interesting comments in this one

I do not want to write this post from It’s Complicated

In response to the Defense of  Pearl:

In defense of the Pearls…some thoughts from Roscommon Acres A response to a blog defending Pearl

First Reactions:

Heartbroken. Angry. Again. By TulipGirl

This made me cry today… By Rebecca

Beauty for Ashes: in which I discuss the unthinkable Laurie M., who is a friend of the Schatz family, describes  her heartbreak  from what happened to her dear Lydia and her horror at  discovering the Pearls’ teachings.

Speaking Out

I Would Be Remiss… By Clara

Box Bashing by Karen Ehman

Parenting in the Name of God from Scita Scienda

To brainwash a parent From

On the death of Lydia Schatz, 8 from Happy As Kings

I am burning all books by the Pearls… and i encourage you to, too! by Sparrow’s Nest Academy Note: This blog has been removed so I am linking to it in the Internet Archives.

Tragedy in a homeschooling family by Rob Shearer, Director of the Francis Schaeffer Study Center

Why do you spank your child? by Miss Roxie

Cause of death from I Must Follow If I can…

And odd thankful Thursday from The Upward Call

Lydia Schatz from Joyful Breath

More Christians Speaking out against the Pearls’ Teachings By Katiekind

Tragic Death of Lydia Schatz From Rutledge6

Michael and Debi Pearls teaching linked to another child abuse death from Bene Diction Blogs On

Even a Child Can Recognize Injustice from Wanna Walk Along?  Things your grandmother should have told you.

Michael and Debi Pearl – sample wisdom by Barbara Curtis @ Mommy Life

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