In Depth Analysis of Pearl’s Teachings


To Train Up A Child: An Examination of the Pearl Method by Rey Reynoso who had done a great job of digging deep and analyzing the Pearls’ teachings using the Bible to refute them.

Parenting in the Name of God: Introduction from Scita > Scienda  Note:  This is the 1st in a series.

Lydia The Child The Pearls Laugh At! from Emotional Abuse and Your Faith

Is Michael Pearl Responsible For a Girl’s Death? Matthew Raley, a pastor who uses Tedd Tripp’s teachings in his church, speaks out against Pearl’s teachings.

so does Michael Pearl bear any responsibility for the death of Lydia Schatz? by Thatmom

When Parenting Kills – What Can We Do? By Katiekind

Spanking in Anger isn’t the Problem Water Lilly explains why we can’t just assume that the Schatzs were out of control.

In which I talk about the terrible event I mentioned 2 weeks ago By Paul M, who knows the Schatzs, analyzes the Pearls’ teachings and explains how wrong they are.

Hold ‘em Down, Defeat Totally By TulipGirl, who explains exactly how the Pearls teachings caused this death

No Greater Joy Children Takes a look at everything taught by the No Greater Joy Ministries from the perspective of love, respect, and not hurting our children

The brokenhearted Sinner By Aaron

Pearl Of Too Great a Price Matthew Raley, a pastor who uses Tedd Tripp’s teachings in his church, speaks out against Pearl’s teachings.

The Pearls, abuse and a false gospel From Roscommon Acres

How many children must die before Mike & Debi Pearl are held accountable? By Elizabeth Esther

The World’s Most Dangerous People From Just Another Clay Pot

Senseless Deception By Spunky

Child Discipline or Child Abuse? by Virginia Knowles

child abuse in the name of Jesus by Thatmom

update on the Lydia Schatz case and why it is not about spanking by Thatmom

I write this with a heavy heart by Jennie Hall

No Greater Joy Ministries “Biblical” Parenting Couple Beats Child to Death from Peaceful Parenting

Hermeneutics, Life, and Death by Randy Greenwald, Pastor, Hope Presbyterian Church, Bradenton, Florida.

The Behavior Modification Gospel Matthew Raley, a pastor who uses Tedd Tripp’s teachings in his church, speaks out against Pearl’s teachings.

A Time To Weep . . . for Lydia Schatz and Sean Paddock from A Time To Laugh

Debra has a lot of very good, thought provoking posts about the Pearls’ teachings at Debra’s Random Thoughts.  See especially:

Rebekah Pearl Part One–Her Childhood
Rebekah Pearl’s Young Adult Years
Rebekah Pearl Anast Part Three-Life After Marriage


Whose Heart Failure? from Now… Through a Glass Darkly. Also see its followup
Stand With an Open Heart–What Frog and Toad Can Teach Us about What Lydia Schatz Might Have Said

ThatMom asks us to consider the question, are they true or false teachers?

“Pearls” of Wisdom? by Woman Uncensored includes numerous quotes from NGJ site

More arguments can be found here.

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