The Schatz Story part 2

If you are not familiar with the Schatz Story or want more info, please look here.

News Stories

Note:  Many old news stories which have been removed by their papers can be found here and here.

Couple plead not guilty to killing their 7-year old daugher from the Paradise Post March 18, 2010 Summerized by Religion News Blog

Paradise couple plead not guilty to killing their 7 year old daughter KHSL TV Channel 12 March 19, 2010

Investigating: Why’s Behind Child Abuse KHSL’s News Investigation of Child Abuse video on TulipGirl’s Blog


Lydia’s Birthday, Autopsy Released by TulipGirl

Pleading “Not Guilty” to Murder, Torture, Cruelty by TulipGirl

Michael & Debi Pearl, & Questions of Ministry Credentialing by Pastor Jack from New Covenant Living

A Community’s Agony Over the Schatzes by Pastor Matthew Raley from Tritone Life

Love Never Fails blog asks us to consider if Attachment Disorder could have had anything to do with Lydia Schatz’ death.

A warning for Canadian parents from Desperately Seeking Suzin:  Pearl’s teachings are against the law.

Earlier reactions here.

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  1. Linda B says:

    Michael Pearl has answered his critics… again. Now he’s taking aim at those who declare him a heretic. Someone on my Facebook wall has reprinted his article in its entirety. Is there anyway it can be reprinted here also for those who would like to read it?

    • I can link to it. I don’t post anyone’s words without their permission.

      • Linda B says:

        That’s cool with me. I wanted to see if someone could make the text available to those who didn’t want to visit the NGJ site and give them more traffic.

        • I found it. It’s an old article from Oct of 2007. Yeah, he does claim to not teach Sinless Perfection. Yet, many people who say that they have heard the sermon still claim that he does. It’s confusing. But either way, he certainly teaches abuse. No doubt about that. You can find the article at his site.

          • OK, reading that again, I can see his double talk. He says that he does not believe in “sinless perfection” meaning that the Christian cannot sin, but he does teach that the Christian can and should sin no more. He has the quote on his blog as well.

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