More adoption outrage

The Riggs family is also taking Mr. Pearl to task for his comments about adoption in the 2nd part of today’s blog post. They are commenting on Mr. Pearl’s blog.  I can’t help but wonder what his reply will be.  I have yet to see him to apologize or retract a statement.

Proof that Mr. Riggs believes in spanking:

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Hermana means sister in Spanish and Linda is my name. I was born in late 1960 to a mother who had traveled around the world and had been impressed at the baby wearing she saw in Africa and Japan. While in Japan she purchased the baby carrier in which she is wearing me in my avatar. By the grace of God, I trusted Jesus as my personal savior in 1983. He gave me a husband in 1987 and 2 sons in the early 1990's. All glory to God.


  1. Krystal says:

    I just happened to come across your website and wanted to leave a little note for you. I do believe that if you have wisdom and knowledge that it is a wonderful thing to share! And by all means start a blog of your parenting and marriage secrets. I however find it very juvenile that you would go so far out of your way to try to hurt someone else’s ministry. This is not of the Father! He loves all His children and HE is to judge. This is slanderous, anyone who has spent time reading the Pearls books knows it is plan to see that they are loving and non-judgmental people, who have a passion to serve the Lord and share His word, this however is not that you are looking for support in your cyber bulling site. I see that God has blessed you with some very creative and proactive skills, but why not use that to help others come closer to God and find Jesus! You know very well there is A LOT of scripture on slander, and loving thy neighbor. Please practice it and leave these loving souls alone. And congratulations on losing the weight, you look wonderful.

    • Hi Krystal,

      Welcome to my site and thank you for your kind words. I understand your concerns. I try very hard never to say anything slanderous about anyone and also try not to link to harsh words. However, we are called to expose false teachings.

      What I have here are arguments against the Pearls’ teachings. I have no doubt that the Pearls are trying to serve the Lord, but their teachings are erroneous and often dangerous. Children are being hurt and one child was killed by well meaning parents who took these teachings to their logical extreme. The body of Christ cannot just sit back and allow this to continue without trying to warn the brethren. I was called by God to make and maintain this site and I pray for His guidance continually. May God bless you richly as you consider my words.

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