A Closer Look At The Pearls’ Teachings and Adoption

Christine Minich takes a look at The Pearls’ Teachings in:

The Disturbing World of The Pearls in which she looks at Doublespeak and Definitions as well as some examples of his abusive teachings.

and The Disturbing World of The Pearls Part 2 in which she takes a look at their heretical Theology.

Also, TulipGirl tries to shed some light on the underlying philosophy of the Pearls’ Teachings with On The Pearls And Parenting, Once Again.

The Toronto Sun has an article about the Pearls’ Teachings in Was child abused to death due to advice from book?

Missizzy posted a Recipe For Disaster on  the Websleuths.com message board which explains what happened to Lydia and Hanna.  You might be interested in the rest of the conversation, it is really quite interesting.  I hope it is ok for me to link to this.  If anyone objects, please email me at hermanalinda@whynottrainachild.com and I will remove this entire paragraph.

I also thought I’d mention this post from Civil Thoughts about Adoption Education because that is so important.

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  1. TealRose says:

    While we ‘know’ of three children now that have died in horrific circumstances, beaten, tortured and abused by their ‘new’ parents – how many do we NOT know about? How many children – adopted or biological – have be been killed or severely damaged mentally or physically by parents using the Pearl’s methods ?? Is there anyone that has the power to scan the system for information, even if only in the United States? And what of those other children living around the world with parents who are following the Pearls ???

    Someone, somewhere should be able to gradually find the information needed…

  2. Foster Mom says:

    Given the recent focus on how ill-equipped and unprepared some Christian foster/adoptive parents are, would you consider adding a site to your resources that is specifically for GBD foster/adoptive families?
    I would highly recommend: http://empoweredtoconnect.org

  3. Christie says:

    YES! Empowered to connect is a great place!

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