A Romance Novelist Encounters the Courtship & Betrothal Movement

Christian romance novelist, Sharon Lathan, stumbles across the Courtship & Betrothal Movement to her great consternation.

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  1. TealRose says:

    This … is beyond sad. We are called to love whom we love …… it’s not a ‘transaction’ or is shouldn’t be! LOVE …. is the whole of the law .. and yet … these people feel they are above God … and have to force their children into loveless marriages…. sad, and sickening …. and wrong.

  2. Andy Villaraptor says:

    [offtopic]A Christian Romance novelist who writes novels containing explicit sex scenes. I can kinda understand… just seems a bit off. [/offtopic]
    I have always respected C.S. Lewis and his writings. However, as one who has had trouble with feeling love and emotions in general, I have never been so angered by one of his quotes.
    This/these movements, along with any belief (religious or otherwise) that aims to control the thoughts and feelings of children, teenagers, etc. sickens me, and I hope that someday these kids will someday see the light and realize that God is not the monster their parents/religious leaders are.

    • I don’t think her novels contain explicit sex scenes. The point was that she was accused of being as bad as porn because romance wakens feelings of desire for love and romance.

      I am sorry that that quote angered you. He was warning of the danger of shunning love. It was an ironic quote.

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