Delaware Bans Spanking?

Delaware’s new anti-abuse law prohibits causing pain to children. Does this effectively ban spanking? Here are a few articles on the subject:

Does a new law in Delaware ban spanking? on CNN’s The Situation Room.

Spanking Ban in Delaware? First State to Pass Law Expanding Child Abuse Definition Sparks Debate on Yahoo’s Shine.

It looks like the bill is not intended to ban spanking, but the language is vague enough that it could be used to. I will be keeping my eye on this story.

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  1. Hello, HL!

    I have communicated with those behind this bill and the statutes in DE still allow parents to use corporal punishment on their children within reason. However, it’s interesting how religious conservatives have reacted to news of this bill passing. They are adamantly against it, even though it aims strengthens child abuse laws, such as by increasing penalties when the victim is very young. Instead, opponents are focused on the idea that the law will take away their right to hit their children when they are perceived to have misbehaved. Not only are the opponents overreacting, since the bill does not outlaw spanking, they exemplify just how little regard they have for children’s rights to an upbringing that is safe and healthy.


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