The Christian Post Looks At The Petition To Amazon

The Christian Post reports that the petition (asking Amazon to stop selling the controversial book, To Train Up A Child) is closing in on 100,000 signatures. They then take a closer look at the Pearls’ teachings and the controversy surrounding them.

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Hermana means sister in Spanish and Linda is my name. I was born in late 1960 to a mother who had traveled around the world and had been impressed at the baby wearing she saw in Africa and Japan. While in Japan she purchased the baby carrier in which she is wearing me in my avatar. By the grace of God, I trusted Jesus as my personal savior in 1983. He gave me a husband in 1987 and 2 sons in the early 1990's. All glory to God.


  1. Sara Ann Oatridge says:

    Please remove any books teaching violence toward children from your site. It is our jobs as adults to protect them. As a Christian I also believe that Jesus is saddened every time a child is hit using his name as justification. We don’t allow or advocate hitting our spouses when they make mistakes, so why don’t we protect the ones who need it most?

    • You must have posted this comment on the wrong site. I certainly do not have any books on my site which teach violence towards anyone. In fact, the entire purpose of this site is to argue against hitting children.

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