Korrine Looks At The Damaging Effects Of Spanking

Korrine Britton explains how the cognitive development of  2 and 3 year olds makes them appear to be lying in Parenting: Two to Three Years.

For more from this series which explains the damaging effects of spanking on children through the years, you will want to check out:
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  1. Anne Garboczi Evans says:

    I definitely agree that parents punish little kids for way too much. But do you really think a child should NEVER be punished under age 4? What about safety concerns? Like running on the street. Or hitting sibling or parents VERY hard. What about willful behavior such as in a temper tantrum grabbing Mom’s plate away from her and throwing the entire contents on the floor?
    Interested in your thoughts. I do agree btw that it is WAY to easy for parents to just interpret everything as defiance and so exasperate their children. And I would also agree that erring on the side of grace is always a better idea than erring on the side of exasperating your kid. But sometimes when I read articles like this, I think, was your two year old a saint? I know mine son would be dead by now if I didn’t discipline him for safety hazards starting at 18 months.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. About danger, here is one post I recommend on that topic and here are some more I also tagged with the Danger tag. I would consider roughness to be similar. One must watch children carefully at that age and be ready to step in. I realized that is not easy, but if spanking really were enough to prevent the dangerous situation, one would never have to spank again.

      As far as willful behavior, that cannot be answered in a short comment, it requires a complete paradigm shift. I encourage you to read a lot here. This post on which we are commenting did touch on that. The child is still so immature at this age, he really cannot understand nor handle his big feelings. I would not recommend hitting him for expressing them. Here are my posts tagged Tantrum and here is my defiance tag. I hope that helps. <3

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