Jennifer McGrail Reviews Gentle Firmness

Jennifer McGrail has posted a very favorable book review of Gentle Firmness by Stephanie Cox.  Here is an excerpt from her review:

Gentle Firmness, by Stephanie Cox, is one of the most important new books to join the gentle parenting movement, particularly for Christians.  Thorough and well-researched, it takes an unflinching look at the history of spanking within the Christian faith;  why the Bible doesn’t actually say what so many well-intentioned pro-spankers think it says; the harmful and often long-term effects of spanking;  and finally, practical suggestions on what peaceful parents can do instead.

It is an excellent review, so I’m sure you’re going to want to read the rest.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Dear Hermana Linda,

    Do you know of ANY Independent Fundamental Baptists who have spoken out AGAINST Hepzibah House and its fellow horrors? The reason I ask is that I have found it very difficult to find any who have. Please point me to Christians (particularly Independent Fundamental Baptist Christians) who have spoken out.

    I also ask because of a very tragic case. Here is the story ( Please, please share the info with me – what you know – and help this girl. Thank you and God bless.


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