The Pearls Take On Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

I feel obligated to post the information that the Pearls are working on a new book about protecting children from sexual abuse.   Debi Pearl posted that info on her blog at  I found this post through my Google Alerts which hit a thread on Free Jinger about how said blog post was altogether wrong in its information about chickens.–Writing–New-Book—Know—Chickens–Children.html

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about this news.  I believe that many of their teachings do make a child vulnerable to abuse and therefore is is good that they are addressing that.  I hope that the advice they give turns out to be useful advice and will end up protecting children rather than hurting them more as much of their advice does.

Update: Debi Pearl is releasing a children’s book designed to prepare and protect children from sexual molestation and it actually looks pretty good.

Update Nov 2010: The book, Samuel Learns To Yell And Tell has been released.   Here is TulipGirl’s review of the book.  If you are not familiar with TulipGirl, please see my sidebar for a link to her site.

Woman In The Hands of God

C. L. Dyck of Scita Scienda has started a new Bible Study series about being a women called, Woman In The Hands of God.

She does not yet have an index for this series, but she does have a tag.  So you can find the entire series so far by using the Woman In The Hands Of God Tag.


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Parenting Gems

Signs of Life blog warns us about the Pearls’ teachings and offers some Parenting gems as an alternative.

Cover art

Scita > Scienda is asking for your help in choosing the  cover art for their book, Parenting in the Name of God.

In other news, here is an article from the Paradise Post about the upcoming court hearing today.  I’m sure there will be more news to come, which I will post separately.  Note:  When this article is no longer available on the web, the summary will still be here.


Pastor Matthew Raley looks at “rebellion versus God-led character formation” in The R-Word.

(A big thank you to C.L. Dyck for the link and the wording for this post.)


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Pearl’s TV interview has been canceled

It looks like the interview has been shelved indefinitely.  It’s quite likely that all the calls and emails caused CBS to rethink this and/or decide to expand the story.  They will cover the story, but are saving the interview for a later time.  It looks like they want time to investigate this more.

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Please read Spunky’s blog post on this.