When Does Spanking Become Abuse?

Spanking is very much in the news today, as is the question of when spanking becomes abuse.

Bene Diction Blogs On considers that question as he discusses the Viral Video of Hillary Adams and Its Unexpected Fallout.
After you read that post, check out the next one where he reminds us of the book, Parenting in the Name of God: No Greater Joy Ministries and the Bible

Blogger Morgan Guyton considers the same question in Spankings and Judge William Adams

And along the same lines, Jen of The Path Less Taken explains The Black and White of Spanking.

book seller refuses to sell Pearl’s books

I just ran into the blog of a Christian book seller who has decided on his own not to have anything to do with Pearl’s books. Kudos to him!

I believe that he also wrote the following blog: When Child Discipline Goes Too Far. Bravo!

Edited to add:  “Bene Diction Blogs On” has blogged about this:
A curious bookseller and the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl