CTBHH – Dangerous Advice with Heresy

ChucklesTravels reviews Created To Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl which he deems Dangerous Advice mixed with a lot of Heresy.

Admin of Pro-Pearl Facebook Page Has Change of Heart

The admin of one of the To Train Up A Child fan pages has had a change of heart.  She was planning to delete the page, then people said that she should keep it to prevent others from using that name and could use the page to warn people.  Then someone said that the Pearls have copyright for that name and that they were going to report her, so I’m not sure what she is planning to do now.

In case she ends up deleting the page, here is her status from Sunday, Oct 2 11:52 am

Due to a change of heart by the admin, this page will be deleted in 24 hours. I only leave it up that long for this message to be read. I encourage all who genuinely like this page to reconsider and think about your actions. This book is NOT biblical. The older my children get the more I realize that I have failed them by following even a few of the principles encouraged by this book.

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This story has also been posted at ChucklesTravels with a screenshot of the Facebook Post.

Monday, Oct 3 at 6:32 pm she posted

I have started the process of deleting the page. It takes 14 days for it to go dark. For now the short version of my change is this. I had already been questioning the methods when one day my son hit me and I “smacked” him back saying “no don’t hit” and he looked at me like I had lost my mind. A 2 year old, smarter than his momma? I think so. Makes ZERO sense any way you look at it.

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Her wall has turned into quite the debate board and she is looking for more admins to help her out.  Meanwhile, someone made another fanpage using the same avatar and same name except instead of “To Train Up A Child, by Michael and Debi Pearl” it is “To Train Up A Child – by Michael and Debi Pearl.”  Do you see the difference?  It’s the punctuation.  And that person is calling her an atheist.  It is amazing to me that they equate being against spanking with not believing in God.

Update Oct 6, 2011:

The page has been deleted, which is for the best.

Joshua Skogerboe has a blog post about this called, Here’s To the Steady Decline Of Michael And Debi Pearl’s Influence…

Reactions to Hana Williams story

Here are some reactions to the “Hana Williams” story from around the internet.  All of these links consider the link between To Train Up A Child and Hanna’s death.

Note: I just found out from a friend of her’s from Ethiopia that her real name is Hanna Beck. eta: word from Ethiopia is that her real name is Hana Alemu.

The Short Life of Hana Williams by chucklestravels

Did the Disturbing Philosophy of To Train Up a Child Lead to Hana Williams’ Death? by J. Bryan Lowder on Slate.com

Hana Grace Williams, 1997 – 2011 by Tulipgirl who makes a very good case as to how the Pearls’ emphasis on “defeating totally” a “rebellious” child had a lot to do with how the Williams managed to turn the Pearls’ teachings into an instrument of death.

Controversial book part of adopted girl’s murder investigation from Religion News Blog

Extreme Discipline Book Connected to Adoptees’ Deaths from Adoption Talk

Obviously, I’ve been away for awhile
by Down To Earth Woman

Another Dead Child: Hana Grace-Rose Williams, age 13. (Parents owned book “To Train Up a Child”) and Having flashbacks/Survivor’s Guilt by Elizabeth Esther

Rally has been archiving this entire story in his How Could You? Hall of Shame. This is a clear and concise timeline of sorts with many links. It also contains some details I had not heard elsewhere.

And here is a news story which, while old news, seems to contain a few details I hadn’t yet read.

Case file: Parents starved and beat girl, locked her out in the cold from KVAL.com