The Fruit of Pearl’s Parenting

It makes me so happy to hear from those who have given up using Pearl’s teachings.  I got a very interesting email recently which I have been given permission to share with you all.


I just came across your website, and I really like it. I’m thankful for the time that you have put into it- I hope and pray it will help many a questioning parent who is or has used the Pearl’s discipline methods. I am one of them. Sort of. Heard about it, got the book, started to implement, and then something just didn’t settle right in my spirit. I continued reading and even got “Created to Be His Help Meet”. Again, I was really conflicted about accepting everything they were saying. I watched some of their videos on YouTube…and wanted to share one with you. This video is Shalom, one of the Pearl’s grown daughters, talking about an incident at her wedding that saddened and grieved me so much. I would be so sad if one of my own daughters were to grow up and found it normal to be a with a man who treated her this way. I always like to see the “end result” of different discipline methods- and this video really showed me clearly that to use the TTUAC method, aside from hurting my children, I could also very well be sending my child into an unhealthy marriage. The story Shalom tells starts at about 1:15.

The video is called  Starting a Bible Study – Preparing To Be A Help Meet – Conversations and is part of the promotion for Debi Pearl’s new book for unmarried women.  In case you do not want to watch the video, I will summarize the story which Shalom Pearl Brand shared.  She was sharing a funny story from a wedding.  She has a really good one.  😆 See, when they had been married for about 30 minutes, they were doing the thing where the bride and groom feed each other a bit of wedding cake.  After she put the bite in his mouth he blew it back all over her. It got all over her face, hair and dress.  The ladies all gasped and the men all roared with laughter.  The bride laughed it off and cleaned herself off.  The wedding dress got stained but that’s ok, after all, it was home-made and cost only about $100.  Isn’t that just the funniest story?  No?  Hmmm…  Maybe it would seem funnier if you watched her tell it herself…  Or maybe it would be even sadder.  😥