The Pearls Take On Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

I feel obligated to post the information that the Pearls are working on a new book about protecting children from sexual abuse.   Debi Pearl posted that info on her blog at  I found this post through my Google Alerts which hit a thread on Free Jinger about how said blog post was altogether wrong in its information about chickens.–Writing–New-Book—Know—Chickens–Children.html

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about this news.  I believe that many of their teachings do make a child vulnerable to abuse and therefore is is good that they are addressing that.  I hope that the advice they give turns out to be useful advice and will end up protecting children rather than hurting them more as much of their advice does.

Update: Debi Pearl is releasing a children’s book designed to prepare and protect children from sexual molestation and it actually looks pretty good.

Update Nov 2010: The book, Samuel Learns To Yell And Tell has been released.   Here is TulipGirl’s review of the book.  If you are not familiar with TulipGirl, please see my sidebar for a link to her site.

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  1. Sara Gibson says:

    I am a fan of the Pearls. I take everything other than the bible with a grain of salt including any parenting advice and apply only what will benefit each particular child. I have met the Pearls and read all their books. I have a happy brood of creative and energetic children and I can not understand all the drama involved with hating the Pearls. I guess all I have is how awesome my kids are as a testimony that their methods work and are not abusive when not applied in anger. My kids love the Pearls too!

    • Hi Sara,
      Welcome to my site. I do not hate the Pearls, but I do have very grave concerns with many of their teachings. I agree that they do teach some good things and with enough salt, one can certainly raise a happy brood of creative and energetic children. 🙂

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