Taking a Stand Against Child Abuse

The Wartburg Watch analyzes John Piper’s teachings about spanking a child to teach him to understand the wrath of God.  They then take a stand against dangerous and abusive teachings and tell you how you can help.  Bravo!

They look at John Piper again in An Ultrasound of Abuse.

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  1. Dee says:

    Thanks for your link to our blog. Our agreement with a few of Piper’s points had nothing to do with his views on spanking but the need to be controlled in our response to our children. We agree with his perspective that we need to reconcile after punishment. Neither one of us is “pro-spanking.” But, two of my kids got a simple swat on the bottom one time when they ran into the street. In a comment posted on our last post, I reiterated that, in fact, I believed that we needed to be clever in how we discipline our kids and posted a few things that i had done that were most effective.

    My husband and I were talking about this last night and both of us cannot remember any other physical punishment we did except for those two brief swats. My kids are now young adults and they can’t remember either. I far prefer the clever and individualized approach to punishment .

    We are planning to watch this new interest in corporal punishment of young children and plan to, investigate and then, if warranted report any situation in which we think a child is being harmed.

    • Hi Dee, Thank you for your comment. I can remove the “pro-spanking” tag if you wish, but first I’d like to explain it.

      You see, there are many people who are convinced that to not spank would be to go against God’s will. Those people will not listen to any argument written by anyone who is “anti-spanking.” That is why I tag posts from those who are not against spanking as “pro-spankers.” That way, people can easily find arguments to share with their friends who will not listen to any arguments by anti-spankers.

      Also, the Pearls keep telling their followers that everyone who is arguing against them are trying to ban spanking. That is just not true. That is another reason for the tag. I have many arguments from people as yourselves, who do not condemn spanking but do not approve of spanking for every. single. infraction.

      Anyway after reading your comments more thoroughly, I decided to remove the pro-spanking tag. If you rather not be considered anti-spanking, let me know an I can put it back. 😉

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