This is where I am hosting some well written articles with permission of the authors.  

What I Believe by Hermana Linda

“To Train Up A Child” chapter by chapter review by Wendy from Gentle Christian Mother’s Forums before the big crash of 2005.

Following Your Instincts by Mary Eakin

New Testament Parenting by Sheryl Tribble

Disciplined by Grace by Dulce Chalé

From The Gentle Christian Mothers Forum

Who Is Affiliated With Vision Forum by Barefoot Betsy

Attachment Theory- Why NOT to Baby Train by Stephanie Cox

Weightloss Without Hunger written my my mother in the 1960’s.  This is the diet with which she has maintained a healthy weight since then.

Our Life Following The Weight Loss Diet written by my mother in 2012 in response to a request for more info on what her diet looks like day to day. 

My list of Hebrew Resources

My Breastfeeding Resources

Some Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

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