Weight Loss Without Hunger

(This is my mother’s article, except for red notes which I added)

The idea of this diet is to get the maximum filling power and nutrition for the minimum number of calories; – always remembering that the more nutrition, the less likely you are to get hungry right away.


Also, if you break down and go off your diet, don’t get the feeling that this is the end.  Start your next diet immediately – like within the next hour.


Things to Avoid:


Any type of sugar.  This includes:

honey, molasses, brown sugar, caramel, dextrose, fructose, etc. (and even fruit juice, which is the beginning of refining fruit sugar).

However, as it’s almost impossible to find good bread without any sugar at all, you’ll have to have some in that, if you feel you really need bread.


Anything with fat or oil in it:

butter, margarine, (hydrogenated or polyunsaturated).  No fried foods.

Also, whole milk, regular cheese, etc.

Beef, veal, pork, and lamb.  This is because, even if you take off all the fat you can see, these meats contain a lot of hidden fat, inextricably enmeshed within the red muscle meat.  There’s much more fat in these meats than there is in the same amount of grains or legumes (bread, barley, rice, dry beans, etc.) and therefore more empty calories.

Again, good bread usually has some shortening in it.  It can’t be helped.


All processed foods,

since they mostly have a lot of sugar and fat in them (Read the ingredients).


Restaurant foods,

for the same reason.  Only there’s no ingredients to read here, so you don’t know what you’re getting.  When you go out, take plenty of the right food with you , because getting hungry only leads to loss of control.


Things You Can Eat:


Any kind of fresh fruit – but whole, not in juice form, as the sugar in juice is in a more refined form, and you tend to take in more than you need.  Mashed banana is good for sweetening hot whole-grain cereal or plain yogurt.


Any kind of vegetable, preferably raw or steamed (for more nutrition),  except avocados or olives (too much oil in these). (Note: Newer research has shown that avocados and olives contain healthy fats which we need for a healthy brain.  Do eat avocados and coconut oil.)


Potatoes – boiled, or, preferably, baked.  No butter or sour cream with them.  Plain white yogurt – preferably nonfat – with chives is okay. (note: Newer research suggests that butter and other high fat dairy products are beneficial)


Eggs should be poached or boiled.


Cheese:  hoop cheese, mozzarella, or low-fat cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese makes a good spread on whole-wheat or rye bread, especially sprinkled with paprika or chives.  Cottage cheese can also be mixed with tuna (water-packed) for tuna fish salad.  Or you can use plain white yogurt for this purpose.


Yogurt:  It should be at least low-fat, if not non-fat, and never bought flavored, because when they add fruit, they always add sugar too.  Plain white yogurt is an excellent substitute for butter on sandwiches, and for sour cream in recipes.


Rice: brown only.


Bread:  Make sure it’s 100% Whole-Wheat; otherwise it may have some white flour in it.  Jewish rye – dark or light (or pumpernickel).


Cereal:  The best is hot cereal like Malt-O-Meal (regular only) Red River, or the rolled oats, rolled wheat, and rolled rye which you can get at the health food store.  These are good mixed together, and take about 5 or 10 minutes to cook.


Milk:  Non-fat, if you can stand it.  Otherwise, low-fat.


Chicken:  Preferably white meat, since it’s less fatty.  At any rate, it should be skinned before cooking, and then steamed or baked.  (No basting.)


Turkey:  Same as chicken.  Fish is also prepared this way.


Legumes:  This includes pinto beans, black-eyed peas, lima beans, lentils, split peas, and any other color of dry beans.  When cooked with rice or some other grain, the dish becomes a full protein, and can be substituted for meat.


Reasons Why You should Eat a Lot of Fiber:


1.    It fills you up, so that you’re less hungry.


2.    In grains, it contains a lot of different vitamin B’s, many of which are not found in “enriched”  bread and flour.  And when your body has everything it needs, you tend to get less hungry.


3.    It tends to help the digestive process, promoting “regularity” and, according to some experts, keeping the weight down.


This, however, does not mean that you should eat extra fiber.  Bran, and other types of fiber added to foods would just overdo it, without adding any nutrition.


If you can’t follow this diet completely, just remember that the closer you keep to it, the more weight you’ll lose.  Even if you do keep pretty close to it, don’t expect to lose more than a pound or two a week.  At that rate, you’ll lose ten pounds in two and a half months.  After that, you still have to stick to the diet, or you’ll gain them back; but if you cheat a bit – say, a restaurant meal once a week – you won’t gain anything you can’t lose in the course of the next week by just going back to the diet.  You’ll get a feel for how much you can cheat without repercussions.


“Going back to the diet,”  however, does not mean cutting down on calories or doing without meals.  This does more harm than good.  It simply means going back to the foods listed under “things you can eat,” and again avoiding the foods listed under “things to avoid.”


This diet is good not only for losing weight, but also for problems like arthritis, and generally not feeling that great.


This kind of food is not the most exciting in the world, but you can make it more interesting by reading while you eat.  My rule is:  Read while eating the “the things you can eat,” but never while eating the “things to avoid.”


It’s also a good idea to find some physical activity you really enjoy, like walking, swimming, dancing, biking, etc. that you can indulge in on a regular basis.


If you have any questions, call Eva Scherb at 323-665-1095.



5 oz lentils

5 oz split peas

2 oz long-grain brown rice

2 oz short-grain brown rice

2 oz barley

4 cups water

2 tsp turmeric

2 tsp coriander

3 tsp cumin (ground)


Dice one green pepper, half a medium-sized onion, & 6 cloves of garlic (These amounts can vary, according to taste.)


Combine in pot, and simmer till all the water’s gone (about 45 minutes.)


(The rice & barley can be different amounts, as long as the total grain is 6 oz.)





Soak or cook for half an hour:


3 oz pinto beans

3 oz black beans

3 oz red beans


in 4 cups of water.




2 oz barley

2 oz short-grain brown rice

2 oz long-grain brown rice

4 tsp paprika with small amount of chili


Green pepper, onions & garlic as in Lentil dish.  Comment re rice & barley, also as in lentil dish.



Soak in 5 cups water:


1 oz fava beans

1 oz baby lima beans

1 oz giant lima beans

2 oz black-eyed peas

3 oz garbonzo beans

2 oz millet




2 oz kasha

2 oz barley

1 tblsp sweet basil


Green pepper, onions & garlic, as in the other recipes.


This dish cooks much quicker than the others – less than half an hour.







2 oz 7-grain cereal

2 oz cornmeal

4 oz rolled oats

3 oz rolled wheat

3 oz rolled rye

80 raisins

30 oz water


Boil the water, and then add the cereal & raisins.  Simmer, while stirring regularily, until the water’s gone.  This amount is supplies a filling breakfast for two people.  It can be eaten with milk and/or fruit.

For more info on how how my parents use this diet to maintain their weight loss, please see  Our Life Following The Weight Loss Diet.


  1. margo on April 12, 2012 at 10:54 am

    These recipes are very handy for this diet. I like the way this looks and is similiar to some of the things I have tried in the past. It would be very helpful if you could add more, and maybe examples what a typical breakfast and lunch look like.

    • Hermana Linda on April 13, 2012 at 1:05 pm

      Thank you for your comments. I forwarded them to my mother and she agreed to write an article describing the different meals both she and my father eat.

    • Hermana Linda on June 25, 2012 at 3:32 pm

      I have my mother’s new article up here. 🙂

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