Christian Breastfeeding Links

What God Says About Breastfeeding by Connie Carlisle RN, IBCLC

Religion and Breastfeeding – How Breastfeeding Impacts the Religious Woman by Jennifer M. Paquette

Breastfeeding By Design by Heidi Bingham

Breastfeeding and the Bible by mykidzmom

Breastfeeding and the Bible by Larry G. Overton

But I Don’t Want to Nurse All the Time OR Watch the Clock! by Rebecca Prewett

Why I Breastfeed~My Story and Helpful Links by Rebekah Castleberry

Design in Infant Nutrition by the Christian Research Institute

The Morality of Breastfeeding By Mary P. Walker

Breastfeeding, Parenting and Christianity from

Breastfeeding Bible Study by Cyndi Egbert

Alexandra’s Noonie page

Paradigm Shift: Breastfeeding as Worship by Sorta Crunchy

Gentle Christian Mothers’ Breastfeeding page

Lactivism and Public Breastfeeding by Tim Challies

Other Breastfeeding Links

101 reasons to breastfeed

A Time To Wean

La Leche League

The Advantages of Formula

Your Guide to Breastfeeding

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