Miraculous Healings

I just recovered this post I wrote elsewhere on Sept 25, 2006

I have been thinking about miraculous healings lately. There is a brother at my church who fell from the 2nd story of a building on which he was working a few weeks ago. He has a headache and a neck brace. But he is walking and using his arms. He is alive. Prayers were answered. Glory to God!

I also know another brother, from another church who had a similar accident about 2 years ago. He also is alive and well. You would never know that he had a serious accident unless someone told you. Another miracle!

I have a sister-in-law in El Salvador who has almost lost every member of her immediate family. Her husband and eldest son were shot many years ago and survived. Her daughter had an Ectopic Pregnancy and almost died a few years ago. Also a few years ago, her son had a very serious accident and surprised doctors by surviving. I have pieced this story together from bits and pieces of 2nd and 3rd hand info, most of it in Spanish. It is an amazing story of God’s mercy.

Obed (early 20s) was riding his Vespa home from work in San Miguel, El Salvador. He was on a small street, crossing a major boulevard with a green light when a speeding pick up ran the red light, dragging him for about an eighth of a mile. He was very close to home and some one ran to get his mother while other witnesses confronted the driver. The driver’s car had come to a stop because of the Vespa, which was attached to it. The driver ran away on foot, dragging off his female passenger, wielding a gun to stop the witnesses from taking in into custody. Of course, he left the car so authorities were able to track him down later. I don’t know what became of that, I forgot to keep up on that part of the story.

Obed was taken to a hospital in San Miguel in the back of a pick up truck. His back was ripped to shreds and his head was swollen badly. His older brother, Danny, was in the military and was able to get his commanding officer to lend him a helicopter to have Obed airlifted to San Salvador, the capitol. There he was admitted to the best hospital available to them. The doctors did not know what to make of him. Another sister-in-law, who lives in San Salvador and visits me here often, told me that his head was huge. She shows me by putting her hands impossibly far apart. She saw him, I did not. She prayed, her church prayed his mother prayed, her church prayed, the rest of us prayed. One of dh’s brother-in-laws called him and said that the doctors said that he would die. As I understand it, the doctors had no hope, but they wanted to make his passing as painless as possible, so they drugged him as much as they could without killing him. They put him near a comatose state. They said that if he did not wake up within a few days, they would take him off of life support. We all prayed. He woke up in time. He was given skin grafts and more skin grafts. I have been told that he can walk. My sister-in-law, his aunt, the one who visits me, does not like to talk about him because she says that he is not living as he should. That he is not attending church and has despised the miracle that the Lord did for him. I don’t know what this means. I do know that the Lord healed him, that He did a miracle in his life. I also know that He has a reason for that. Obed’s mother has suffered a lot in her life; she lost one baby only a few months old. She has suffered in many ways, but God did not take this son. He is merciful. He still has plans for this young man, this I know.

And here is one I wrote on Oct 30, 2008

This story is amazing. Tonight we visited one of our former pastors in the hospital. He is a healthy man in his 60’s. He does not smoke or drink and his cholesterol level is normal. He told us the following story:He has been working hard lately, preparing to move his family to another state. He had noticed some twinges in his chest for a few days, but deep breathing would make them go away and he attributed them to his suddenly working so hard.

Tuesday night, instead of going away, they got worse and he began to feel dizzy and sick. He went to his daughter’s room and told her that he felt sick and thought that he needed a doctor. She noticed that he was pale and sweating profusely. She didn’t know what to do so she called 911.

The paramedics arrived and checked him. His heart rate was erratic and they were unable to stabilize it. When he arrived at the hospital they were still unable to stabilize his heart rate so the doctor called for an angiogram. They found his main aorta blocked and did emergency heart surgery. As they opened one valve, another would get blocked. He ended up with triple bypass surgery. The doctor told his wife that he has never seen someone survive such a condition. His main aorta had been 100% blocked! The doctor was so amazed that he took a bunch of interns to visit him the next day and told them the story in medical terms. His wife told me that he keep saying, “It’s amazing.”

Those who do not know God cannot explain this man’s survival, but we know why he’s alive. To God be the glory.

Aug 9, 2011

I just added a Miraculous Healings tag.

I would also like to mention my 87 year old mother-in-law who just went through radiation therapy for a cancer in her face and came out cancer free.  Praise the Lord!!!

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