Did Batman Follow Pearl’s Teachings?

Chris Gavaler compares Michael Pearl to Batman as he reviews his Comic Book Bible in The Good And Evil Guide To Parenting.

Review of Good and Evil by Michael Pearl

Glenn E. Chatfield from Watchman’s Bagpipes reviews Michael Pearl’s Comic Book Version of the Bible (illustrated by a former Marvel cartoonist), Good and Evil.  He lists everything he considers to be unscriptural and/or extra-biblical.  His main concern is the inclusion of the “Gap Theory.”

Good and Evil

I have come across a discussion of Michael Pearl’s book, Good And Evil, which is a comic book version of The Bible.

Actually, she mainly discusses their efforts to turn this graphic novel into a feature film and the video designed to raise funds for that project.

‘Good and Evil,’ the Graphic Bible, Considered With Dismay, by Stephanie Varnon-Hughes