Debra’s Random Thoughts

Deb at Debra’s Random Thoughts is no longer updating her blog.  Her blog is still worth visiting, as she has written some very interesting posts about the Pearls’ teachings.

Check out, for instance, her critique of the story in To Train Up A Child where Debi trades blows with 2 yr old in order to teach him not to hit.  Her link  to the book is no longer there so  here is another link so that you can check out her quotes:

This is the post she wrote when she found out about the death of Lydia Schatz.  In this post she explains how dangerous the Pearls’ teachings really are.

She explains why she doesn’t believe in First Time, Cheerful Obedience.

She also has the series about the life of the Pearls’ eldest daughter Rebekah Pearl Anast



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