More about Hana Grace Williams

You may recall me posting about Hana Grace Williams earlier this month.  In that post I mentioned that I had heard murmurings on the internet that her parents were Pearl followers.  Well, someone has emailed me to confirm that rumor.  Well, confirm might be too strong a word for a fairly anonymous email, but I don’t see any reason not to believe her.

I don’t know what the Peals teachings have to do with this case, if anything.  Certainly the being consistent and never backing down are a concern, but I have never heard them teaching parents to make children sleep outside without a sleeping bag.  I know that they have teachings which include withholding food for certain offenses, like not eating what was served or not saying Please or Thank You.  That might explain her 30 pound weight loss, but so far we have no evidence.

Here is a News story about the Ethiopian Community’s response to this.

And here is a FB page dedicated to her as well as a FB group.



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