TTUAC Withdrawn by Publisher in Poland

Polish Anti-Spanking Community Książki nie do bicia left a comment on my Facebook page saying,

Hi! We would like to inform you that the publishing of a book “To train up a child” (and one more) has been withdrawn Poland (by the publisher).
There are some other books like that (Fugate, Dobson, Smalley, Barnes) in Poland, but we hope that they will be withdrawn too.
We hope that all this books will be withdrawn everywhere! 🙂

This story is from February 2012, but I had not heard about it so I very much appreciate them sharing the news with us. Here is the news story they linked for me and here is an English translation of it. Of course, the translation is done by computer program, so it is not perfect, but gives us the idea.

This is very good news!  The Polish Anti Spanking community has been working hard and have convinced a publisher to remove two books from circulation! ( the other book is Discipline Them, Love Them by Betty Chase.) I wish that could happen here, but To Train Up A Child in English is self-published by the Pearls.  We are trying to get as many book sellers as possible to stop selling it.  We have convinced quite a few and are still working on




  1. TulipGirl on June 20, 2012 at 11:41 am


    It especially alarms me when US ideas are exported to other cultural contexts and declared “Biblical”. Spanking is against the law in Ukraine (where we used to live) and it alarms me when missionaries/churches in Ukraine promote TTUAC there, which is both promoting illegal ideas and ideas which are especially harmful in that cultural context (ie., the drinking culture and “he beats me therefore he loves me” mindset are very prevalent.)

    Not to mention, the Gospel gets left behind when Christians are promoting a set of parenting ideals to “save” our children instead of the grace and Gospel of Jesus Christ. . .

    Obviously, it especially bothers me when missionaries promote TTUAC and that ilk, instead of nurturing the believers and the Church.

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