Vision Forum: Peter Bradrick Speaks

Peter Bradrick, once very close to Doug Phillips, has broken his silence. While we still have more questions than answers, this development is very much of interest to those who are following the Vision Forum saga.

Doug Phillips: “Disowns” Former Vision Forum Executive Assistant to President, Peter Bradrick, Calls Him “Destroyer” When Confronted about Sins from Spiritual Sounding Board.  In this post we are told who Peter Bradrick  is and that he has started posting some very interesting posts on Facebook publically.  Read the comments for interesting discussion.

Another interesting Facebook post from Peter Bradrick is one in which he quotes Doug Phillips talking about how real men on the Titanic gave their lives for the women and children and then adds his commentary.

“For one thousand years, this principle has guided Western civilization. Simply stated, that principle is this: the groom dies for the bride, the strong suffer for the weak, and the highest expression of love is to give one’s life for another. The men aboard the Titanic recognized their duty because they had been raised in a culture that implicitly embraced such notions. Only by returning to these foundations can we ever hope to live in a society in which men will make the self-conscious decision to die so that women and children may live. This is the true legacy of the Titanic.” Douglas Phillips

When those who champion “women and children first” hide behind smooth words instead of “suffering for the weak”… When the strong take advantage of the weak, and then turn them out like so much garbage… When the strong seize the lifeboats and leave the weak drowning in the icy water… it leaves no choice for men of God other than to rise up and oppose them when they discover the truth. Woe to those that do not.

There are some interesting responses to that post. Some in favor:

Bob Renaud: This is why we did what we did brother. We were not going to sit by and allow the weak to be victimized. I still believe in this doctrine even if my mentor and friend rejected it.
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Some are opposed:

Jeff Brower: This is so sad. There is obviously much I do not know and perhaps a lot I do not need to know. Matthew 18 require this be taken up by the church and if the offender completely rejects the call for repentance he is to be treated as an outsider. It seems that is what is being done here. We are led to understand the public confessions and repentance are fraudulent. I fail to see how prosecuting this on Facebook will strengthen the weak or restore the offender and fellowship. If brothers are so grievously offended gather the men and camp on his porch, crying out to the Lord until their is restoration. I fear this serves only to give Satan a victory. My heart is broken as are all my children looking in.
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Jordan Niednagel: At this point I believe these posts are only adding to the confusion, and may not be the best way of going about this. We have a man who has publicly repented, and admitted his wrong, which indeed the board of Vision Forum has also concurred (according to my understanding, and I have some other ties). Unless your posts take a drastic turn in nature, we can only conclude that you believe them all to be in error, and that Mr. Phillips has not sufficiently repented. I hope I’m wrong. At any rate, I question the wisdom of what you are doing here on Facebook in this manner, though believe me I am not here to defend VF’s or Mr. Phillip’s innocence. Far from it. But, to drag this out as you are doing … I don’t see the wisdom in it. Since you have decided to go public on this public platform, I suggest you address these issues in your next post. If the board of VF needs to be publicly called out, do so. If not, much more needs to be explained, and I think as soon as possible. Anyway, praying for you all and for wisdom.
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Chris Jeub has been distancing himself from Vision Forum since 2004 because of their legalism, but still has many friends who are involved.  He explains his concerns with in Patriarchy Has Got To Go.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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