Kansas Spanking Bill Dies In Committee

The Kansas bill which would allow spanking in schools as well as allowing parents to swat children up to 10 times and leave bruising without legal repercussions has died in committee.  Here are 2 stories about that:

Spanking bill dies in Kansas House committee from the Wichita Eagle

Kansas Makes Us Proud! Backward Bill Expanding Spanking Rights in Schools Dies in Committee from Take Part

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  1. Bill says:

    I’m not sure I want a school spanking my kid. And it wouldn’t have mattered when I was kid because if I got spanked at school I’d get much worse at home. The school could give you only 10 swats with the paddle through your clothes. and only on your bottom. But at home we got whipped with a switch, usually naked, everywhere from head to toe. And I’d lose track of how many swats I got because it was always over 40. Believe me that hurt a lot more than the paddle.

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