Seeking Peace

Samuel Martin asks us all to join him in praying for “the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on all under His sun suffering from family violence.”

Speaking of peace, Carissa Robinson encourages us to run to The Father with our problems for He will give us peace in Paideia, Part 3.

Does “Discipline” Equal Spanking?

Carissa Robinson continues her look “at the true meaning of discipline, and how it has been warped by both Christian and secular philosophies and misconceptions about childhood” in Paideia, Part 2.  In this post she looks at the meaning of the Greek word, Paideia, and how it has been translated throughout the New Testament.

For more about the meaning of Paideia, please see her interesting comments in this post, especially this one.

Defiant Toddlers?

Carissa Robinson has started a new series called, Paideia, in which she looks “at the true meaning of discipline, and how it has been warped by both Christian and secular philosophies and misconceptions about childhood.”

She opens with a look at a toddler”s defiance, (or is it defiance?) in Paideia Part 1

The Ways In Which We Argue About Spanking

Carissa Robinson looks at the various was of Arguing About Spanking.

It’s Not Always Easy

Carissa Robinson shares that Gentle Parenting is not always a bed of roses and how to get through the hard times in Bumbling Along.

Is Your Parenting Based on Fear or Faith?

Carissa Robinson compares Fear-Based and Faith-Based Parenting.  Which one one do you think glorifies God?  Which one do you use?

For more help, check out this post by Pearl in Oyster (PIO) about how we can use our God-given hormones to help us parent better in Oxytocin and “Time In.”

Does God Spank His Children?

Carissa Robinson delves into the question, “Does God Spank His Children?

Responding To Children With Grace

Carissa Robinson shares What Really Matters in a beautiful story of how she responded to a screaming fit with grace.

Gentle Parenting

I have had so much to share lately that my Gentle Parenting posts have been building up.  Here are some great posts to help you fill your Gentle Discipline Toolbox as well as encourage you in your Gentle Parenting.

Claire continues her Myth Busting at Dare To Disciple with Myth Busting 8: Breaking a lamb’s leg.

Dulce de Leche  explains about Opening Up the GD Toolbox: Stories.

Carissa Robinson shares about Parenting Through Changes.

Pearl in Oyster continues her series 52 Tool Cards Double Feature: Empower your Kids and Encouragement.

Cultured Mama explains How to Raise a Human, Radically.

Sally Clarkson shares Her philosophy of parenting: Pondering Christ.

Gentle Discipline

I have had so much to share lately that my Gentle Parenting links have been piling up.

Carissa Robinson describes Genuine Obedience.

Dulce De Leche explains about Gentle Parenting, that It’s a Lifestyle, Not an Event.

Claire continues her Myth Busting series with Myth Busting 6: “I could see it in her eyes”.

Greengem reminds us to keep Playful Parenting in our toolbox in My other car is a pterodactyl…

Pearl in Oyster (PIO) continues with her 52 Tool Cards series with  52 Tool Cards: Motivation and 52 Tool Cards: Follow Through.


Carissa Robinson explains the concept of Disequilibrium and what it looks like for her 3 yr old who is Swiftly Approaching Disequilibrium.  This concept is from a series of books by Louise Bates Ames & Frances L. Ilg about what age appropriate behavior you can expect from children at each age.  Learning about this is very valuable as it allows her to make a game plan which she helpfully shares with us.

Natural Consequences

Carissa Robinson discusses Natural Consequences and gives 2 examples to help us along in our journey to gentle parenting.

And don’t miss this very important explanation of how being upset causes us to access the flight or fight part of our brains in 52 Tool Cards: Understand the Brain on Pearl in Oyster (PIO)



Behaviorism at the Root of Child Training

Carissa Robinson explains that “If you observe most recommended Christian parenting practices today, you might be surprised to discover a secular influence: behavioral psychology” in Awaken Their Hearts.

Meanwhile, Greenegem explains the error in thinking that we have to DO anything more than believe in order to be saved in No Assembly Required.

What Do Children Think About Being Spanked?

What message do children really take away from corporeal punishment?  Carissa Robinson has asked some mothers what they remembered about being spanked and posts their thoughts and stories in What Do They Really Think?

The Effect of Spanking on Children

Carissa Robinson shares a true story of how spanking affected one child growing up in Lock ‘Em Up, Throw Away the Key.


When is it abuse?  Do bruises or the lack thereof have anything to do with it? If so, does it matter where the bruises are? Carissa Robinson considers this in a post called, Hodge Podge.

The Messy Process of Growing

Carissa Robinson explains that we can’t expect grace filled parenting to be neat and easy in Growing Up Should Be Messy.

When They Won’t Comply

Carissa Robinson has a sweet story about how she learned to look at non-compliance in another light.

Thankfull for Gentle Discipline

Carissa Robinson has a lovely blog post about how Thankfull she is that they are using gentle discipline, complete with an example of how it works.  She also links to Sally Clarkson’s blog post about First Time Obedience.  Sally Clarkson writes as the mother of adult children and reflects back on how her children were raised and how dangerous it is to try to use a formula for child raising, especially one which involves training.

Parenting 101

Carissa Robinson has posted some fundamentals of gentle parenting.  Just think of it as Parenting 101.

(Note that I also updated the post below this one with one new link)

Prodigal Son

Carissa Robinson reflects at how spanking is hitting no matter how it is done and then looks at what we can learn about God in the story of  The Prodigal Son.

A Few Tools That Have Worked

To help us expand our Gentle Discipline Toolbox, Carissa Robinson shares A Few Tools Which Have Worked For Her Sweet Little Guy.

Encouragement for Gentle Parents

Carissa Robinson has noticed that her 2 year old son is Growing Up and starting to learn the lessons which she and her husband have been so gently and patiently teaching them.  What an encouraging post!

John Law and John Grace

Carissa Robinson (at To Parent As One Who Has Been Richly Forgiven) has posted The Story of John Law and John Grace which is an allegory which explains the difference between living under the law and living under grace. She then goes on to explain why Christians, who are living under grace, should also raise their children under Grace.

Diffusing a toddler’s Tantrum

Carissa Robinson has written a beautiful post called, Three Little Words, in which she shares an example of parenting by grace in the midst of a raging tantrum.

What Gentle Discipline Is Not – Part 3

Carissa Robinson continues her explanation of what Gentle Discipline is not with what Gentle Discipline is not in What Gentle Discipline is Not, Continued Again 🙂. This post looks at “Gentle discipline is not something that occurs only when unacceptable behavior manifests itself” aka “Gentle Discipline is not sporadic.”

Here is the rest of her series, for your convenience:
What Gentle Discipline Is Not
What Gentle Discipline is Not, Continued. “Gentle Discipline is not adversarial”

What Gentle Discipline is Not, Continued

Carissa Robinson continues her explanation of what Gentle Discipline is not in What Gentle Discipline is Not, Continued. This post looks at “Gentle Discipline is not adversarial!”

What Gentle Discipline is Not

Those who desire to give up spanking need a viable alternative. My recommendation is Gentle Discipline aka Grace Based Discipline. Carissa Robinson shares what Gentle Discipline is not which is also helpful, especially to those who have rejected it because of a lack of understanding.

Is Spanking Biblical? Part 4

Carissa Robinson concludes her “Is Spanking Biblical?” series with Is Spanking Biblical? Part 4: Why We Have Chosen Not To.

Is Spanking Biblical?

Carissa Robinson has started a new series, Is Spanking Biblical? Part 1: Proverbs.

Also, check out this discussion on the blog entry at Gentle Christian Mothers with Crystal Lutton of Arms of Love Family Fellowship.

Here is the rest of Carissa’s series:

Is Spanking Biblical? Part 1: Proverbs, CONTINUED

Is Spanking Biblical? Part 2: Hebrews 12

Is Spanking Biblical? Part 3: Spanking Relieves Guilt?

Is Spanking Biblical? Part 4: Why We Have Chosen Not To.