Thankfull for Gentle Discipline

Carissa Robinson has a lovely blog post about how Thankfull she is that they are using gentle discipline, complete with an example of how it works.  She also links to Sally Clarkson’s blog post about First Time Obedience.  Sally Clarkson writes as the mother of adult children and reflects back on how her children were raised and how dangerous it is to try to use a formula for child raising, especially one which involves training.


  1. Virginia Is For Mothers on March 4, 2011 at 6:26 am

    After reading through much of your site, I was wondering if that awesome Sally Clarkson article would pop up anywhere. Although I am one of the “evil” and “misguided” pro-spankers, I just so appreciated her Titus 2 type wisdom in that post. I love her advice to evaluate the entire situation and to focus on the child’s heart.

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