Michael Pearl on TV Thurs March 18th. (Or is it the 19th?)

This Thursday, March 18, 2010 Friday, March 19, 2010, Michael Pearl will be interviewed live on CBS’s The Early Show some time between 7 and 8 AM (probably about 7:30).

More info at NoGreaterJoyChildren.com and update here.

No Longer Quivering has some good insights about it, as does Spunky.

Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life says, Urgent: Michael Pearl on Early Show tomorrow – contact CBS now!

If you wish to contact CBS, here is their contact info.

Emma at GCM has the following advice for those who wish to get involved:

I wonder what would happen if as many people as possible who can give an informed opinion on Michael Pearl emailed and/or phoned CBS….

I’m in the UK, so I don’t know how much clout my email will have, but I might email anyway and point out that MP has influences in other countries besides the USA.

The following might get CBS’s attention:

– The fact that MP misrepresents what the Bible teaches, and that even most pro-spanking Christians would consider his teachings abusive – “This isn’t a debate about spanking, it’s about exposing blatant, cultlike child abuse.”

– The cultlike aspects of NGJ – followers encouraged not to listen to critics. The way his followers say, “His teachings look harsh when you read them, but you have to see him in person …” quite frankly reminds me of 1930s newsreel footage of Adolf Hitler’s followers…

– The fact that he tells people to take the KJV at face value and accuses those who want to check original word meanings of scripture-twisting.

– Any examples you know of where MP takes scripture out of context even in English. This would help expose the ridiculousness of the above! It’s also a powerful way both to warn other Christians about him, and to reach Pearl followers – “exit counselors” who help rescue people from religious cults use this a lot if a person has respect for the Bible. I haven’t read MP’s stuff in detail, but if he’s anything like the RGT website it shouldn’t be hard to find examples.

– His unorthodox ideas – no original sin, possible to live a life of “sinless perfection” in this life, the idea that children can’t respond fully to the Gospel/receive God’s forgiveness under age 13 or so (or whatever age it is he says), and of course the idea that the blood of Jesus is inadequate in itself to cleanse a child’s heart from sin/guilt.

– The fact that he believes an unwhipped child can’t feel forgiven and will suffer emotional problems caused by a sense of guilt. (Say “whipped”, not “spanked” – most people’s idea of a spanking isn’t MP’s.)

– Any contradictions you know of, eg the discrepancy between MP’s folksy-fun manner and the fact that “trained” by his methods is anything but fun. Also, I’ve noticed that MP followers on forums tend to trot out the line, “You don’t need any other parenting book than the Bible,” then in the next sentence they recommend MP’s book!

– Quotes about things like sitting on children, counting slowly, stopping mid-whipping to talk about how the whipping isn’t over yet, following the child around the house laughing at his/her efforts to avoid the whipping, etc…

– The fact that he encourages older siblings to whip younger siblings.

– The fact that he says there is no upper limit to the number of “licks” a child may receive (give quotes).

– Experiences of ex-Pearlites, explaining the effect following these teachings had on your family. Also how you came to realize how anti-scriptural and wrong his teachings are.

– Links to blog articles by people who knew the Schatzes, especially pointing out that, despite the abuse they were suffering, the children seemed happy, sociable and creative – attributes MP says are a sign that a child isn’t being abused.

– The almost unbelievably insensitive statement the Pearls have issued, laughing at those who would cite his teachings as being instrumental in little Lydia’s death.

(Edited to add that if you write in bullet points it’s more likely to be read all the way through. Also, both beginning and ending on an attention-getter can be very effective.)


  1. Alicia Bayer on March 18, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Thank you for writing this! I put up an alert on my column and will contact CBS. I’ve been writing many articles against the Pearls. I hadn’t seen your site before and will keep reading.

    • Hermana Linda on March 18, 2010 at 5:06 pm

      I just heard that the segment has been canceled. That has not been verified, but nor has the report that it was ever going to happen. I never saw anything about it on the CBS site.

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