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TheLizardLass has started a campaign to ask Home Depot to make Michale Pearl to stop using their name in his teachings.  She has given permission to copy and circulate, so I will include her proposal here:

Hey youtubers, please let Home Depot know what you think of them remaining silent while Michel Pearl tells people to buy building supplies and use them to beat their children.
If you don’t have time or motivation to write your own letter, you can copy the sample letter provided below (don’t forget to sign), and paste it into the Home Depot’s e-mail form which can be found here:
If you have a stamp, mail a printed copy to the Home Depot’s head office USA: Home Depot USA Corporate Office | Headquarters 1400 West Dundee Road Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 (847)577-3969 Canada: Home Depot Canada 900-1 Concorde Gate North York, ON M3C 4H9 (416) 609-0852

Or take a printed copy to your local Home Depot Addressed to the manager and asking them to forward it to the head office. Letter writing campaigns don’t always work, but doing nothing definitely doesn’t work. It only takes a minute, and you may help to save children from being beaten, or even killed. Thanking you in advance,

Sample Letter —

To The Home Depot: I am writing this letter because I am concerned about references to The Home Depot made by Michael Pearl in the article “In Defense of Biblical Chastisement, Part 2” which can be found at the following URL: http://www.nogreaterjoy.org/articles/general-view/archive/2001/october/01/in-defense-of-biblical-chastisement-part-2/ In this article, as in his book “To Train Up a Child”, Michael Pearl advocates beating children with lengths of plastic plumber’s pipe, and specifically recommends buying these “switches” at The Home Depot, as you can see in the quotation below: “A swift swat with a light, flexible instrument will sting without bruising or causing internal damage. Many people are using a section of ¼ inch plumbers supply line as a spanking instrument. It will fit in your purse or hang around you neck. You can buy them for under $1.00 at Home Depot or any hardware store. They come cheaper by the dozen and can be widely distributed in every room and vehicle.” The child “training” techniques advocated by Michael Pearl, and practiced by the over 500,000 people who have purchased his book, “have resulted in the deaths of at least two children in as many years that have been reported to media” (see the article found at http://dogemperor.newsvine.com/_news/2010/02/22/3936352-a-followup-re-the-pearls-dominionist-child-abuse for more information.) It concerns me that The Home Depot has not demanded that references to your company be removed from the literature published by Michael Pearl. It concerns me that The Home Depot has not publically denounced these books and articles which advocate using lengths of plastic pipe to beat children as young as two years old. By failing to complain about Michael Pearl’s recommendation that people use The Home Depot as a source for obtaining the instruments to whip their children, and by failing to speak out against his teachings now that he has been using your company’s name for over nine years, The Home Depot appears to be, if not endorsing, then at least turning a blind eye to Pearl’s methods. Until The Home Depot publicly distances itself from Michael Pearl by requiring him to remove references to them from his books and articles, and by denouncing his methods, I will no longer be a Home Depot customer. Sincerely,

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  1. Gentle Mom 4 Them & 4 Him on February 19, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Does anyone else find it ironc? While some Christian organizations are boycotting Home Depot because of their “stand” on same-sex “marriage” and “pro” homosexual policies, the man with such vitriolic hate for homosexuals is actually encouraging people to shop there…

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