Pro-Spankers’ arguments

Michael Pearl alleges that only those who are anti-spanking oppose his teachings. He has no idea how wrong he is. For your convenience, here is a compilation of arguments and concerns from Christians who approve of spanking:

To Train Up A Child (Book Review) by Tina Jobe

To Train Up A Child: An Examination of the Pearl Method by Rey Reynoso who had done a great job of digging deep and analyzing the Pearls’ teachings using the Bible to refute them.

Is Michael Pearl Responsible For a Girl’s Death?
Pearl Of Too Great a Price and
The Behavior Modification Gospel by Matthew Raley, a pastor who uses Tedd Tripp’s teachings in his church.

Fundamental Baptists warning about No Greater Joy Ministries

Michael Pearl’s Duplicity is the answer to Pearl’s response to his critics in Oct 2007

The Pearls and Your Child’s Heart from Raising Olives.  In case you need proof, she mentions her belief in spanking in the comments of this post.

To Train Up A Child? book review from The Watchman’s Bagpipes.

Michael and Debi Pearl – sample wisdom by Barbara Curtis from Mommy Life

Reflections on TTUAC by Jen at His Grace His Glory who has found much good in the Pearls’ teachings but has some concerns to share.

Michael & Debi Pearl, & Questions of Ministry Credentialing by Pastor Jack from New Covenant Living

Chucklestravels has a few posts about Michael Pearl as well as Debi Pearl.

Child Discipline or Child Abuse? by Virginia Knowles

The Parenting In The Name of God series from Scitia Scienda who tells me that when he “corrects NGJ’s theology and parenting advice, he does so from a very solid positive experience of being “traditionally” parented by Christian conservatives who did believe in spanking, who have attended KJV-only and other fundamentalist/independent churches, who homeschooled their kids.”

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  1. […] First of all, keep in mind that they will not accept any argument from a non-Christian or someone who they consider to be unbiblical, such as someone who condemns spanking. For this reason, I have compiled some links to arguments which will fill their criteria here. […]

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