Analyzing Bill Gothard’s Textbooks – “Character Sketches – Vol 1”

Glen E. Chatfield, of The Watchman’s Bagpipes, analyzes IBLP “Character Sketches – Volume 1”.

Take a look at it so you can see how he arrives at his conclusion, which is:

As you should be able to see from this cursory analysis, Bill Gothard makes things up from a very fertile imagination abusing Scripture. He is a false teacher who should be avoided.

Analyzing Bill Gothard’s Textbooks

Glen E. Chatfield, of The Watchman’s Bagpipes, Analyzes Bill Gothard’s IBLP Basic Seminar Textbook which could prove very useful to many, even if they do not necessarily agree with everything Brother Glen has posted.  Here is a large excerpt from his intro:

I have to state up front that the principles taught in this text are indeed good principles.  The premises of the lessons are generally to be commended.  The problem seems to be with the method of teaching, which revolves around a lot of erroneous ideas.  In my review of the text, I found the following problem areas were manifested:

1.  Misapplication of Scripture
2.  Poor teaching (this is just my opinion)
3.  Poor hermeneutics
4.  De facto claim of extra-biblical revelation
5.  Poor doctrinal teaching
6.  Superstition/mysticism
7.  Cultish teaching
8.  Lack of credibility
9.  Faulty logic
10.  Pop psychology
11.  Unbiblical teaching
12.  Personal opinion given Biblical authority
13.  Scripture twisting
14.  Legalism

What follows is a page-by-page analysis of the problems I found.

In another post he examines Bill Gothard’s ATI Textbook. He introduces that examination by saying:

This will not be a detailed analysis, but a highlight of some of what I determined to be the more problematic areas. The entire text has much misapplication and twisting of Scripture to make false claims seem Biblical.

Although the “Operational Definitions” are in the back of the text (pp.355-358), I will address them first because I think they really show where the problems lie with Gothard’s way of thinking.

The remainder of this analysis will be in page order, with as short of commentary as possible.

Stay tuned for analyses of other Gothard textbooks some day in the future.

Edited to add:
Analyzing Bill Gothard’s Textbooks – “Character Sketches – Vol 1”

Review of Good and Evil by Michael Pearl

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Pro-Spankers’ arguments

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