Human Rights Violations from the TSA.

Not that I fly often, but there is no way I would fly now. Have you heard about these atrocities? Were you aware that if you fly, your choices are to go through a scan which lets someone view very graphic scans of your unclothed body (as well as exposing you to radiation) OR allow someone to touch your intimate areas? While I have no plans to fly soon, I am shocked and horrified for my brethren who do have to fly. It sickens me that so many people are accepting of this and I appreciate everyone who is speaking out. I am adding my voice here. This is just wrong and must be stopped.  TSA says that they are receiving very few complaints.  Probably few people know how to complain.  Let’s get the word out.  Anyone who has a complaint should read this.

Here is an article which explains how hard it is for the TSA staff involved as well as highlighting some abuses.

Here is an article comparing TSA staff with the Milgram Experiment.

Here is a first person account of a man who experienced the “enhanced pat down.”  He says that if he were a woman he would have felt violated.

Here is an article about how a sanitary towel prompted TSA to grope a sexual abuse survivor.

Here is an article about how a  mother was held in a glass cage for almost an hour for resisting over breastmilk.

Here is a reminder  of what we teach our children about Saying No to inappropriate touching. How can we reconcile this advice with what TSA is doing? TSA says that they will no longer search a child under 13. I hope they all will honor that guideline and not make up their own rules (as they did with the breastmilk guidelines), but what about our teenagers?

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