Merry Christmas

Today we celebrate the greatest wonder of all.  God came down to Earth, clothed in human flesh in order  to pay for our sins.  In honor of this day, I would like to share this poem that my sister in Christ wrote.

The greatest gift was given so many nights ago,
he came to us lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes.
He could have came as royalty as he deserved
but yet he choose this path because he came to serve.

So when your life gets weary and you feel you been pushed to the test.
Remember Jesus and the life he lived at best.
He gave with all he had, and never stopped till death.

He could have snubbed his nose at those with crippled feet,
he could have said he was too good for stopping to cleanse another’s feet.
Yet he did so lovingly and showed us how to truly love.
He showed us the example to love one another and serve each other.

So this Christmas just remember as you unwrap each gift.
The greatest gift has been given.
As you enjoy each treasure here on earth,
just ponder what a greater reward lies in heaven
for those who love this man.
As you sit down to reflect on all that you have.
Glance around at your family and be thankful for their love.

Thank the Lord for every good thing in your life and stop to ask what you can do.
To serve one another for this is very true.
Humble yourself as the babe that came that Christmas morning.
Look around the world and see what you can do.

Let the spirit of Christmas remain through out the year.
Don’t leave it in December when the lights are on the tree.
Carry this season with you through the year.

Merry Christmas everyone
—Heather Joy Maynard 2010

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