Another Pro-Spanker speaks out against Michael Pearl

Emily shares a quote from Michael Pearl and her response to it.  Ah, but she did not share where the quote can be found.  Lest anyone insist that they do not remember Mr. Pearl ever saying such a thing, I will share the citation.  It is from an article on the No Greater Joy Website called, Angry Child and was written by Michael Pearl in August of 1998.

Edited to add:  Emily has removed her blog post so I removed the link.  Here is the quote which upset her so, “I could break his anger in two days. He would be too scared to get angry. On the third day he would draw into a quiet shell and obey.”

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  1. stephanie on November 7, 2011 at 10:48 am

    people who support this stuff make me sick. It’s like saying that it was ok for my fiances father to beat him and his brother, it’s not right. I’ve had friends who’s parents did similar stuff to them, do you know where most of them are now? Run aways, jail, dead, or addicts now with no association with their family at all. Most of them don’t want to ever see their families again and blame them for making them the way they are. My parents were very trusting and understanding, and when I was doing stuff I shouldn’t have been I went to therapy which helps a lot more. My fiance and friends who were abused all have seriously bad post traumatic stress, and other emotional issues, that they can’t get over.

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