Damaging Effects of Punishment on Children

GreeneGem explains the damage  which was done to her by her mothers trampling on her Boundaries.

Speaking of damage, did you know that when babies are left to cry it out, their little bodies are being flooded with Cortisol?   Discipleship Parenting looks at what  effect that has on them.

Meanwhile Pearl, from An Apprenticeship in the Art of Gentle Discipline, looks at the Spiritual Discipline of Parenting to Sleep.


  1. Cindy Kunsman on April 15, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    I’m glad to see the cortisol connection introduced in this debate.

    I talked about this in the Afterword that I wrote for Hillary McFarland’s book, Quivering Daughters, noting the list of health problems caused by high levels of cortisol, its connection to PTSD, and the role chronic high levels of cortisol play in the development of many illnesses. I also mention newer studies with solid statistical evidence that abuse in childhood (even if it is not physical) results in a dramatic increase in the incidence of osteoarthritis in adults as well as the development of migraine.

    I have also only touched on the findings of Alice Miller at http://www.botkinsyndrome.blogspot.com who wrote at length about the connection between abuse/corporal punishment and health problems.

    We have a duty to understand the full range of effects that some of these discipline methods have on the health of children and even the enduring health effects that endure long after the discipline stops.

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