The Williams To Be In Court July 27

Habtamu Bekele posts on the Remembrance of Hanna Williams Facebook page:

Carrie and Larry Williams (Hana’s acused murderers) will appear in Mt Vernon Courthouse this coming Friday July 27th. The Greater Seattle Area Ethiopian community will be there as Hana’s advocate and family. We would like to show the court as well as Carrie and Larry that we want justice for Hana. If you want to go please come to The Ethiopian community center at 8323 Rainier Ave South at 7AM in the morning on July 27th. We will take the community van and if we need more transportation we will add cars. If you want to go please call Mulu @ 206-427-3831 to confirm.

In case anyone is wondering, this court date is for, “Order To Continue Omnibus Hrg.” The trial is still scheduled for October 1st of this year.  If anyone with legal experience cares to translate the info I just gave you, please leave it in a comment and I will edit this post.

Update: This hearing was continued to 08-17-2012.  Note that continuances are totally normal in every kind of trail and to be expected in a serious case such as this one.


  1. julie on July 27, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    This is what I found online:

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