The Williams Trial – Next Up: Sentencing

Maureen tells us that sentencing will be Oct 8.  She got that information from the Skagit Valley Herald.

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  1. Whatcom mom says:

    A video newly posted on Youtube includes several minutes of Carri’s testimony. This was the first time I had seen more than a few-second sound bite, and it gives a vivid sense of her feelings about Hana and about her own responsibility toward her child. The video was made by a member of the Ethiopian community, and much of it is in Amharic, but the testimony is straight from the trial.

    I’m wondering–from people familiar with Pearl followers: is this level of self-righteousness the norm?

  2. Carol Bertozzi says:

    I watched the video. Thanks for the link. If junk food is not food, why did Carri Williams have it in her house? Also, why is eating junk food such a crime? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Well, as I understood it, she had the junk food for special treats but Hana was not allowed to have any because she was being punished. But I agree that it does not make sense. The idea of a child in a family stealing food from that family does not make sense and Carri’s word choices betray her adversarial mindset.

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