Spanking Debate in South Africa

Yesterday I posted a link to an opinion piece on News 24 from South Africa about where the term “Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child” originated. I now have discovered that there is a rip-roaring spanking debate going on in South Africa over their proposed new law against spanking.  The link I shared was a part of that debate.  Heating up the debate even more is the recent development that the South Africa Human Rights Commission is investigating a church who has refused to stop teaching that one must spank their children.   The church, Joshua Generation (JoshGen) is claiming that they are being persecuted for teaching God’s Truth. I got most of my information about this situation from another opinion piece on News 24 by Peter Allebone. Mr. Allebone does not argue from a Christian point of view and I disagree with his beliefs about evolution. However, I do not see what evolution has to do with spanking. He does give us some insight on the spanking debate and debunks the studies which were cited by Andrew Selley of JoshGen in his defense.

Please pray about this situation, specifically that the pastor of  JoshGen will understand God’s will in this situation.


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