Anderson Cooper 360 Takes Another Look At The Pearls

Andersoon Cooper 360 has taken their old footage from the interview Gary Tuchman did with Pearls back in Oct 2011 and the stories they did about the death of Lydia Schatz and remixed it with new footage about Hana “Williams,” in this new episode of Godly Discipline. They then discuss the Pearls’ culpability or lack of it, in the deaths. You will find both parts of this show (in 2 videos) on this page. You will find the transcript here. The segment in question starts about 2/3 of the way down. The easiest way to find it would be to use the find feature and search for “To Train Up A Child.”

Note: Here is more information about the Find Feature.

In case anyone is wondering, I am not in favor of holding the Pearls legally accountable.  The parents are to blame for following man instead of God.  Yes, the Bible does say that teachers bear a greater responsibility and God’s judgement will be fair.  I do believe that the teachings are dangerous and do my best to convince parents not to follow them and bookstores not to sell them. However, I am not trying to get the book banned, nor to harm the Pearls in any way.



  1. Colleen G on November 26, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    If he were honest but simply misguided or perhaps a unclear writer, Mr. Pearl would be taking the accusations, as well as the deaths very seriously and be making attempts to hyper clarify not only his material but his positions. Instead he mocks, belittles and bans. 🙁

    • Hermana Linda on November 26, 2013 at 8:03 pm

      That has occurred to me. It’s just that he is very, very sure that he is right and cannot see it any other way. He cannot even entertain the concept that his writings had anything to do with the deaths because the actions of the parents seem to him to be the very antithesis of what he preaches. The way it worked for him seemed so easy and he saw it “work” for many. In other words, it gave the results he wanted, a seemingly happy child who obeys. What he doesn’t understand is that it does not work for adopted children who were raised to be stoics. And when his teaching is applied to such a child, the child will continue to resist until death. (He also doesn’t understand the psychological damage his methods do, but that is an entirely different kettle of fish.)

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