He Makes Pearl’s Teachings Seem Gentle

R.L. Stollar has an in depth analysis of Voddie Baucham’s teachings in The Child As Viper: How Voddie Baucham’s Theology of Children Promotes Abuse.  In it, Voddie Baucham’s teachings are compared to Michael Pearl’s teachings with this conclusion:

Baucham’s system thus ends up being more authoritarian than Pearl’s, and that is caused by the fact that Baucham not only believes in original sin (as does Pearl), but also total depravity. How Baucham applies his belief in the latter (total depravity) makes Pearl’s child training system appear gentle and weak in comparison.

This is a very long examination of Voddie Baucham’s theology followed by 3 detailed critiques:

Critique #1: Baucham’s Theology of Children is Unbiblical
Critique #2: Baucham’s Theology of Children Encourages Contempt for Children
Critique #3: Baucham’s Theology of Children Promotes Abuse

While long, it is well worth reading all the way through to the conclusion.


  1. Sharon Ehresman on February 21, 2015 at 10:38 am


    re: No Greater Joy Ministires and Michael Pearl, original sin, authoritarianism

    Please do your own research, down to the original source, when quoting anything negative about someone. Otherwise it is gossiping and spreading rumors. Have you yourself studied the articles on his website or listened to his CDs on Sinful Nature and Sin No More?

    Michael Pearl DOES NOT believe in Original Sin. I have read his books and articles, and listened to his messages many times. They have helped me greatly to live life joyfully, overcome fears, and be free to do what I am made for.

    I sense, through reading, listening to, and viewing his media, that Michael loves children and delights in them. He has many grandchildren now, and they see him often. His wife, Debi, loves and respects children, too. She has even written two books for children about child predators, teaching them to yell and tell.

    Michael Pearl is not an authoritarian, as the word is used to describe some “children should be seen and not heard societies in history. However, he believes in the necessity for authority in this world. Do we want anarchy?

    One can get a better idea of what Pearl actually teaches by going to the source and studying the contents. I urge you to do just that. It may be thought provoking for you, but it is not indoctrination. The Pearls respect the human will to freely choose.

    Some people draw conclusions by proof-texting, using a quotation taken out of context, and using it to prove their own point. One may miss the truth by doing that.

    Sincerely, Sharon

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