Zsuzsanna Anderson’s Negative Review of TTUAC

When I find Pro-Spankers speaking out against the Pearl’s teachings, I like to highlight them because I am very aware that those who are convinced that the Bible teaches that they must spank will not listen to the arguments of those who do not. If you know someone who is looking into the Pearls’ teachings and you want to convince them how dangerous these teachings are, please show them the 2 videos below. Zsuzsanna Anderson is an independent fundamental Baptist and she is clearly appalled by Michael Pearl and his teachings.  Zsuzsanna does not believe in attachment parenting, in fact, on her blog she derides it. You can easily confirm that by checking out the posts about Discipline on her blog.

Her review of To Train Up A Child is extensive. She starts out discussing why the book is so popular. She explains that one reason is that it appeals to selfish parents who want to look good. She says that it’s also a like an infomercial, the ShamWow of parenting books. The last reason she gives is that people think that the book is Biblical, which it is not. She then goes on to explain why the book is dangerous. She talks about how easily his teachings can lead to serious abuse and the 3 deaths which have been linked to his teachings. She then goes through the book pointing out where Michael Pearl shows disdain for children, where he shows his narcissistic side, where he sounds like an infomercial and where he is just creepy and weird. She also points out things which are very hard to believe and are likely exaggerations or fabrications. This video is over an hour long, but it is important information.

Her second video features her dissection of the introductions to both Created To Be His Helpmeet and Created To Be His Helpmeet, by Debi and Michael Pearl respectively. I find it interesting that 3 years ago she posted the following disclaimer on her blog:

Disclaimer: While I do find myself facepalming about a lot of the things coming from Michael Pearl and No Greater Joy Ministries, I do very much appreciate and recommend his wife’s book, “Created To Be His Help Meet.”

I don’t know if she still feels the same way or not. Her video below seems to contradict that.


  1. LightFold on December 24, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    Steven Anderson is a total heretic and a cult leader and people should stay away from his wife and his cult.

    • Hermana Linda on December 27, 2018 at 11:43 am

      Thank you for the warning. I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing the Andersons and their teachings. As I said in the post, when pro-spankers come out against the Pearls’ teachings, I highlight it because pro-spankers will not listen to the arguments of anti-spankers. My website is a clearing house of arguments against the Pearls’ teachings and as this article is clearly that, it belongs here.

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