Mixed feelings about Created To Be His Help Meet

Elizabeth, at Virginia Is For Mothers, reviews Created To Be His Help Meet. While she got a lot of positive things out of it, she has some concerns.  I am linking to this post for 2 reasons.

1) This is a good review to share with people who got a lot out of the book and are wondering what could possibly be wrong with it.  If you share a very negative review with them, they will likely be resistant to the message therein.  This review brings up concerns from someone who, for the most part, liked the book.

2) She is interested to know what others got out of it.   I assume that she will find her way here and may be interested in the other reviews which I have collected.

By the way, she asks what we think about the allegation that Bathsheba can be blamed for enticing King David by bathing on her roof. The roof in those days was what our patios are today, it was probably enclosed and she probably did not expect anyone to be able to see her. I’m not sure if that was the usual custom or not. Also, the Bible says that it was the time when Kings go to war. I have heard many sermons teach that King David had no business in the palace at all because he was supposed to be at war leading his men. It seems to me that she thought that all the men were at war and would not be spying on her. But even if she were trying to entice him, the fault would still be his for not looking away and resisting. We can look at Joseph in his encounter with Potiphar’s wife to see how God expects a man to react to temptation.


  1. LMcC on January 17, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Actually, the story about David and Bathsheba has much more to it than we Gentile Westerners can understand. Bathsheba wasn’t just taking a regular bath on the roof, she was obeying a command to purify herself after her period by a ritual bath, possibly using rainwater collected for this purpose. (The mikvah came along later.) She was doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing when David saw her, obeying the command even when she would not be seeing her husband for some time. Apparently she was quite observant in her faith and not trying to entice. Also, there’s no reason to believe she willingly went with David for sexual purposes. He sent for her, and she went, probably not knowing what was in store. Some believe she was a victim of sexual assault and not a willing participant of a normal sexual encounter. While I was taught growing up that Bathsheba tempted David to sin, I no longer believe it and am more inclined to go along with the assault theory.

    • Hermana Linda on January 17, 2011 at 1:28 pm

      Thank you. I forgot to mention that part. I agree that once she was sent for there was no way that she could safely refuse. As far as I can tell, the Bible does not condemn her at all for her part in the situation. Is she not one of the few women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy?

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