More Investigation from CNN

CNN continues its investigative report of abuse among fundamental Christians and how it relates to the Pearls’ teachings.  Jocelyn Zichterman, who was raised in this culture and started, explains the concept of Breaking The Will and how spankings must continue until the child submits even if it takes several hours. This video seems to cut suddenly, I’m wondering if this series will continue.


  1. Catherine on September 30, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Wayne… I agree with you!

  2. Wayne on September 23, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Roger Voegtlin, the true sinner. Making his son wear a dress just to humiliate him, among other things. Just know Roger Voegtlin, that GOD, my GOD, see’s and knows everything. You Roger Voegtlin will have to answer to all of your sins come Judgement Day, and I hope you, Roger Voegtlin, will pay the price for all that you have done wrong. How dare you call yourself a Christian. That it all.

    • Hermana Linda on September 23, 2011 at 10:52 pm

      If he believes that Jesus died for his sins and resurrected the third day, then he is a Christian. We are saved by faith, not by works. However, a Christian is known by his fruit and when we see rotten fruit, it does make it hard to imagine that the Holy Spirit dwells within.

      • John Adams on November 25, 2011 at 7:59 pm

        What is it about standing-up for one’s self, and getting slapped back down. Surely, my perceptions and hopes are colored by getting bullied through-out life. But when search my thoughts and feelings, to make sure I’m saying things in a true light, and I get the strength to speak-up, I still get the beat-down. My mom used her possibly post-partum depression mixed with the family Birch’er religious philosophy, to beat discipline my sister and I with flyswatters and yardsticks on bare bodies. My John Birch Society uncle, and my kin of his generation, verbally lashed out at me, when I tried to like MLK Jr. in the ‘60s. These are the roots of both the bullying and the slap-down when I spoke-up.

        Now at my old age, it’s still never-ending. From people I pay rent to, for a relatively safe and sane environment, slap me down when I challenge their acceptance of illegal activities. Sue, we as a society, are always battling those people, but when it comes back to being bullied and stifled by those who I give money to, what’s the recourse to speaking truth to power, and unacceptable behavior ruling me, the guy who tries to improve my own life and those who are also bullied.

        When I was grammar school age, my Grandmother got me involved with her roses, as an early educational tool and path. In Junior High School, during my first agriculture and horticulture class, I took and loved all aspects of horticulture. I now grow Orchids, but I also find people asking me if I’m gay, and treating me as such. Even women, who in hind-sight like the bad boys, flip me off with I’m not manly enough. Verbal bullying has out-weighed the physical abuse, but it’s all been life-long. When I was at my lowest, no self-esteem or handle on how to say no, blinded by the mounting frustrations and personal injury, molestation came by three individuals at three different times…..

        Even some of the American Buddhists, was relatively recent trend in the history of white America, have bullied me, when I try to stick-up for myself. My landlady, a white Buddhist, slaps me down when I protest the illegal drug use and summer camp fires in the near-by dense redwood forest on her property. This faction, thinks that all human activity is a personal choice and not subject to government laws, including all drug use and such things as summer campfire laws. Now this Buddhist landlady, uses passive-aggressive bullying, which includes phrases that dismisses my concerns and guarding of the money I give her. Not my money’s worth of service provided, and which comes out of my low V.A. Disability Pension checks. After any degree of standing-up to her, I’m left feeling small and mentally abused.

        In the Army, during the later 60s, I came down with PTSD, and the effects of a traumatic head injury. On top of childhood abuse and bullying, my constitution is in such bad shape from having to justify my needs, to a person without main stream societal or legal accountability.

        The PTSD of life and the Army infantry, is sometimes too much. Tears flow when nothing else will do. Helping others, service work as it’s called in some self-help groups, gets me by, but rarely a smile is seen. I try to make people laugh, with inner humor, I try to make store clerks and other feel valuable when some don’t, I try to rescue animals and others from the PTSD of life. Through the bullying and the horror of causing death and destruction, comes the will to do good, despite the unhappy days. IO pray to my higher ower, for the strength, and take personal inventory to make sure I always move forward with helping those in need of understanding. The reverse is just unacceptable. It is up to me, to educate and re-educate myself to not be part of a cycle, and to forgive myself when the path seems impossible. I reach out now, because the path has again become seemingly impossible, when I get tired.

        • Hermana Linda on November 25, 2011 at 8:36 pm

          I’m sorry that you have been so mistreated. It looks like you are doing well in identifying the problems and rising above them.

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